What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is software that operates as a virtual work force controlled by operations teams. This software or emulates the human execution of tasks through existing user interfaces such as: capturing and interpreting application screens, manipulating data, generating responses, etc. It also communicates and can be integrated with existing programs without Need to change the current processes and the applications used by each sector.

Results of implementations of digital transformation of the workforce.

  • 0% Error Rate
  • 50%Costs Reduction
  • 75% + Productivity
  • 100% Satisfaction

RPA Benefits

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you will be able to transfer to robots the most repetitive tasks, monotonous, and devoid of value for human teams, releasing their resources to perform tasks of greater value and economic profitability. Among the main benefits, we highlight:


Significant reduction of staff costs. The cost of an average robot is half the cost of a human resource. In addition to this, there is an increase in productivity due to uninterrupted days, and an increase in performance through continuous learning and optimization, resulting in total savings. RPA can save up to 70% of the current costs of your processes.


A virtual worker (robot) can work without interruption (7x24x365), without breaks, vacations, absences, or delays of any kind, etc. It can be determined that a robot could equal between 2 and 5 FTE (full-time equivalent). It also maximizes overall operational efficiency by reducing the current resolution time for any type of operation. RPA offers a service delivery model for increased production and accuracy.


RPA eliminates the human margin of error, which in the case of repetitive tasks reaches up to 10%. It also has unlimited attention, eliminating distractions and errors in its calculations. When a robot encounters a transaction that does not conform to its rules or parameters, it reports attention to a human being for its normalization.


Increasing or decreasing the process of an already automated task no longer represents a problem or impediment, and will achieve a very fast scalability. Depending on the customer's needs, this action can be programmed as part of the workflow so that in case of need in the resizing it is automatic, transient or definitive as the case may be.

Robots, the Virtual Workforce.
The most effective way to reduce costs and improve performance.

A RPA jorney with DiRWA

The revolution of administrative work


Understand what RPA can do and how it works:

  • • Workshop to identify opportunities
  • • Produce the business model
  • • Define the project team
  • • Select the Pilot to implement


Run the Pilot

  • • Train the team
  • • Design and configure the solution
  • • Support to test the solution and check its capacity, to simulate the conditions of a full-scale roll out
  • • Prepare the area of ​​operations to work with robots


Manage the solution developed

  • • Manage and monitor robots
  • • Working with exceptions
  • • Support solution optimization
  • • Support to identify new opportunities


Develop your own RPA capability

  • • Establish centers of excellence
  • • Training and qualification
  • • Add services for implementation, processing, infrastructure and licenses

Customized solutions

We offer 4 models of service that fit any type of company. The possibilities for implementing a virtual workforce will be delimited by the number of repetitive tasks that are feasible to be automated.

Professional services

  • • Specialists needed to complete the process, including training and training.
  • • Value: Fixed or per hour.

Robot Factory

  • •Outsourced service for the design and implementation of robots
  • •Value: per hour of development

Worker as a Services

  • •Virtual workforce including license, infrastructure and monitoring
  • •Value: monthly per robot

Work as a Services

  • •With the outsourcing of CoE eliminates the risk of failure. Includes experts, licensing, infrastructure, monitoring, training and training.
  • •Value: per transaction processed

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